Avenue Church

Alberta Avenue - 11725-93 St. NW, Edmonton


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Worship Sundays at 9:30am

At Avenue Church, we are a community that comes from various walks of life. We recognize that many people have been hurt by or have become disillusioned by the church. Many now question its relevance in our society. Avenue Church is imagining what the church could actually be like if we took Jesus at his word.

We’re seeking to be a community to belong in and serve with as we learn to love God and one another, follow Jesus and invite others to the same all in the power of his Spirit. Is this messy? Definitely! Is it joy filled? Absolutely!

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Phone: 780-264-2844

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Connecting Through Love

Discover genuine connections in our community. Explore opportunities to connect, grow, and belong. Whether you want to make friends, share your skills, or both, click below to get involved today.

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Through your valued donations, we are able to continue and expand our impactful ministries, creating a positive and transformative impact in the lives of those we support.

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Donations for Lodgepole Communitas are processed through St. Faith's Anglican and can be designated to specific ministries or the general fund. Contributions of $10 or more are eligible for a tax receipt.

We shine most brightly in community, the whole bedraggled, worn, frayed and tattered lot of us, bound together forever by a shared courage, a family forged in the heat of earnest struggle.

- Richard Wagamese