About Lodgepole Communitas

Our communitas is made up of distinct pathways for active engagement and involvement, known as entry points. These entry points offer unique approaches to ceremony, interlaced with threads of justice, neighbourliness and healing. We strive to connect individuals within our community along a shared journey.

What started as a small seed of inspiration has blossomed into a vibrant grassroots organization, shaped by the collective contributions and passions of our dedicated community members.

People are the miracles that emerge from the ripped and worn pattern of your life and help you stitch it back together. You learn to see the pattern better then.

- Richard Wagamese

Our Purpose

Our mission is to honour and support the health, safety, and dignity of each person we meet and to strengthen and nurture a safe, inclusive community where each person has supports to reach their full potential and share their gifts.

sunlight through tree branches during winter


A highly adaptable and resilient pine tree species native to western North America, known for its ability to thrive in diverse habitats.


A beautiful concept that describes the bond of camaraderie, togetherness, and unity that arises among a group of individuals who share a common goal, purpose, or experience.

Hear Our Stories

Betty Kaahwa’s Story

As a newcomer to Canada, Betty found love and community by volunteering at Lodgepole. Now, she is inspired to ensure others receive the support she once received.

Bushra Yousaf: Why Where When Who What

Bushra's art at BHAS celebrates imperfections, fostering a dialogue between viewer and artwork. Her creations prompt self-reflection, urging connection in a divided world.

Embracing Love As The Heart Of Our Community

The transformative power of love is the radiant heart of our community, binding every entry point together. It's the compassionate force in action that fosters personal growth, the profound celebration of our diverse backgrounds, and the safe haven where every individual is cherished and heard.

Our community thrives on the power of this transcendent love, inviting you to join us in embracing it, connecting with others, and making a meaningful impact in our warm and inclusive community.

Inside the St. Faith's Lodgepole Communitas location

Our Guiding Values


Fairness and equality are the cornerstones of our approach, ensuring that everyone is included.


Our focus is on nurturing growth and diversity, creating an environment where unity thrives and all are supported.


We strive to connect with and support our community, showing kindness and respect to all.

two happy women selling baked goods from Lodgepole Bakery

Connecting Through Love

Discover genuine connections in our community. Explore opportunities to connect, grow, and belong. Whether you want to make friends, share your skills, or both, click below to get involved.